About Us


From the love of art, animals and America, author A.J. Bennett has teamed up with local artists in the making of The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books. Imagine, discover and explore America in this educational children’s book series, led by a loveable American dog, Big Sil.  Created in a unique combination of illustration and photography, Big Sil jumps into adventures bringing art and culture icons to life through real photography as he travels through each city making learning fun!  The book series is appropriate for children ages 2-5, because it is also designed as an early reading book.

Most of all, this children’s book series is inspired by Big Sil, a real-life, loving and loyal American Pit Bull Terrier that loves adventures.  Big Sil was rescued from Paws, a shelter in Montclair, NJ and little is known about why he was abandoned. He was nine months old when he was adopted. One of Big Sil’s goals is to resurrect positivity toward pit bulls, once considered “America’s Dog”. According to the ASPCA, 3.9 million dogs enter shelters each year. A visit to most shelters will reveal the pit bull as one of the most abandoned dog breeds. A percentage of proceeds from this book series will be donated to pit bull charities. Read our full story here.

Our Illustrator

Drew Lewis is a full-time Illustrator, Conceptual Artist, and Conceptual Designer residing in Los Angeles, California.    Drew is always thinking of fantastical and imaginary scenarios that engineer his eclectic mixture of subject matter that has influences his art since he was a child.  He has created a myriad of imaginary characters, magical scenes, mythological creatures, and has now brought to life The Adventures of Big Sil.

For more of Drew’s work visit:  maijintheartist.com



Angelica Vasquez

New York City Photographer

Angelica has been capturing beauty all around, from street photography to architecture, for years.  Angelica specializes her work in Latin American culture and is based in New York City. Discover more of Angelica’s work at: angelicasphotography.com


Wendy Smith

Los Angeles Photographer

Wendy is a Fashion and Lifestyle photographer whose editorial work has been published in various fashion publications.  Wendy began as a landscape and wildlife photographer with a passion for nature, natural light and vibrant color, and is based out of Southern California. Discover more of Wendy’s work at: wendywsmithphotography.com or on Instagram @thewendy28


Nick Thomas

Philadelphia Photographer

Nick is a hobby photographer who has turned fiddling with a camera into a passion. Nick is a senior at Penn State University studying photojournalism and the photo editor of their student run newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Nick doesn’t have any definite plans after graduation, but as long as he can continue his passion, he’ll be happy. Discover more of Nick’s work at:


Patrick Driscoll

Phoenix Photographer

Starting from a love of skateboarding and capturing “moments to immortalize”, using cameras has always been comfortable and natural for Patrick. His photography has been featured in on-line press and he has shot for clients from Redbull to ESPN. Patrick resides in the Southwest.  Discover more of Patrick’s work at: patrickrdriscoll.com