American Hero Dog Winner


A Brave Hero Dog:  Hooch The French Mastiff

Being a “rescue” himself, Big Sil loves a great rescue story.  Hooch, The French Mastiff was announced as the 2016 American Hero Dog winner at the sixth annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards® gala in Beverly Hills.   Hooch was rescued by Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Bakersfield, CA. You can read more about his horrifying story of abuse and amazing story of rescue here, but here’s the scoop. Hooch overcame a horrible situation that still affects him daily and is a hero dog for his bravery and for his work. Today he is a certified therapy dog working with autistic and special needs children, benefiting all with his calm, patient presence. He is a symbol of strength and a message to all of us that we can overcome bad things in life, stand tall, and give back with love. The Hero Dog Awards will air on Hallmark Channel on October 28, 8pm EST.

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