How Does Big Sil Travel Around In His Children’s Books?

Big Sil the dog has a magic tail!

Many kids have asked how Big Sil travels in the Adventures of Big Sil children’s books. Well Big Sil has a magic tail! Big Sil’s tail wags amazingly fast. So his tail is big part of how he communicates, everyday. Fast wagging is a greeting of hello. Slow wagging and a nudge means he is ready for dinner! Tail down, no wag? He’s disappointed that he’s not getting enough petting! Tail strait up? He’s on alert!

Most of all when he wags really fast, pixie dust magically appears and if he wags just right and just fast enough, Big Sil and Little Ange can close their eyes tight, concentrate hard, and imagine fun new places to go.   Then, and only then, can he jump into adventures through Little Ange’s special picture book and explore new places all around the United States. He knows to always to be home by dark! Safe and sound.

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One comment

  • Elle
    September 20, 2016 at 6:12 am

    Big Sil seems like one cool pup. A magic tail — perfect.
    I love your entire concept. What an innovative idea! Keep up the great work and tell Big Sil we said hi!