Can Dogs Eat Fruit?


Big Sil’s Favorite Fruits That Dogs Can Eat

Many people ask if dogs can eat fruit. Big Sil loves fruit, but he certainly has his preferences!   Big Sil eats whole apples, which are rich in calcium and Vitamin C. Just be careful not to over do it with the stems and seeds. Big Sil has also peeled and eaten his own banana! Strawberries are on his list and watermelon too. What’s not on his list? Cantaloupe and blueberries. They are perfectly healthy for dogs, but Big Sil just doesn’t like them.  Here’s a few things that Big Sil can NOT eat.  Whether he likes it or not, dogs cannot eat grapes, raisins, garlic, onions, tomatoes, avocado and mushrooms. For more information, PetMD has a great list of fruits and vegetables that dogs can eat as well as those that are toxic.

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