Can Dogs Relieve Stress?

Dogs Relieve Stress

Dogs sure can relieve stress!

Many sources confirm having a dog helps reduce stress.  According to WebMD “Research has found that owning a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and boost levels of feel-good chemicals in the brain.”

Big Sil has been a comforting source of stress relief for me in so many ways.  I truly know that he can feel when I am sad, anxious and stressed.  And there is no better moment then when he gives me his paw.

In addition to being there for me with his loving calming presence, he also inspired me in a whole new way.  Our story was told on self improvement and mind wellness site


I used to be very stressed about work and even after I came home I would still focus on it.

Part of the stress was a repetition of the events of the day that I could not purge from my head. Bringing work stress home affected my home life negatively. I often wondered with all the stress that I felt if it was “worth it” and if this was a meaningful life. Then I committed myself to a new project which was a dream I had to create something all my own.

I became a children’s book author on the side, creating The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books, based on the lovable rescue dog Big Sil [my dog]. The books help kids learn their cities while also giving back a portion of the proceeds to dog rescue. This project, whether I become a famous author or not, changed my life. When I got home I had something new to look forward to and something that diverted my attention away from the former stresses of the day.

My tip for reducing stress is to find something you love to focus on. It is amazing how different I feel when I get home and instead of rehashing a stressful day, I am excited about the new possibilities of my project. Throw yourself into something you love and it will change your life! Check out the full article here.  It’s a good one!

Thank you Big Sil for teaching me so much and changing my life!

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