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Little Ange and Big Sil the dog are stuck inside on a rainy day. So they turn to their imagination to find new places to play! As they open a picture book of American cities, Big Sil wags his magic tail and jumps right into a picture of New York City!

In this imaginative story, Big Sil finds himself inside each picture having a real adventure in New York City. The actual photos bring New York to life, making the experience real.   Big Sil discovers classic landmarks like The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and Chinatown while riding around in taxis and taking the bus! As always, Big Sil wags his tail and arrives home safe before dark!

This tale is inspiration for every child with dreams of discovering the greater world outside their window. Big Sil helps kids imagine and discover all the amazing places across America and instills an early interest in travel.

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childrens book new york city

I read this book to Joelle and Nico this morning. They are three and four years old. These two tough critics really enjoyed the book. We read the New York version from cover to cover and it kept their attention the whole time.They asked lots of questions and interacted well. The book is creative, educational and original. The animal lover in me loves that portion of the proceeds will be donated to rescue! Time to order another book!

The Adventures of Big Sil New York City Review

What a great way for a child to learn about the best city in America! The author takes the child reader on an exploration of New York City! The story not only engages the young reader, but also educates the child. Explore the website and I look forward to the release of the books on other American cities!

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The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books make great gifts for kids age 2-5 and are designed with large type and an education font for early reading. Available in hardcover SRP $19.99, paperback SRP $7.99, e-book SRP $4.99.

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