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Little Ange and Big Sil the dog are stuck inside on a rainy day. So they turn to their imagination to find new places to play! As they open up a picture book of American cities, Big Sil wags his magic tail and jumps right into a picture of Philadelphia!

In this imaginative storybook, Big Sil finds himself inside each picture having a real adventure in Philadelphia. The actual photos bring Philadelphia to life, making the experience real.   Philly is so full of history, Big Sil discovers it by trolley.   He sees the Liberty Bell, meets the founding fathers at The National Constitution Center and more! As always, Big Sil wags his tail and arrives home safe before dark.

This tale is inspiration for every child with dreams of discovering the greater world outside their window. Big Sil helps kids imagine and discover all the amazing places across America and instills an early interest in travel.

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children's book philly

I love the real photos of the Liberty Bell, Fairmount Park, and my favorite, the Philly Cheese Steak. Great concept to show children various cities on a USA map, including places we have seen and places we want to visit. Kids love to find Big Sil on each page.

kids book philadelphia

I really liked this book. First of all, it has a dog and the kids love anything with a dog. Second, it has real photographs. We’ve been to Philadelphia and seeing the liberty bell, the zoo and the big walk-through heart at the Franklin Institute was really fun to see in the book. Philadelphia has a lot of history so I liked being able to teach the kids about where the founding fathers met and where money is made at The Philadelphia Mint. A great learning experience made fun because of the dog, Big Sil. Really cute!

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