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Little Ange and Big Sil the dog are stuck inside on a rainy day. So they turn to their imagination to find new places to play! As they open up a picture book of American cities, Big Sil wags his magic tail and jumps right into a picture of Phoenix!

In this imaginative storybook, Big Sil finds himself inside each picture having a real adventure in Phoenix. The actual photos bring Phoenix to life, making the experience real.   Color photography paints the landscape of red rocks and cacti. Big Sil’s adventure in The Valley of the Sun takes him to an old wild west town and he even gets to drive a race car on the Phoenix International Raceway. As always, Big Sil wags his tail and arrives home safe before dark.

This tale is inspiration for every child with dreams of discovering the greater world outside their window. Big Sil helps kids imagine and discover all the amazing places across America and instills an early interest in travel.

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kids book Phoenix review

This children’s book is so cute. I love the real photos. Big Sil the dog in this children’s book, makes learning fun. I recommend this kids book for anyone who wants to teach their kids about different cities in the US. It’s got magic, pictures, and adventures all in one. The illustrations are beautiful and lifelike!

children's book phoenix review

These series of books are adorable, just like the dog in the book. So nice to see a cute pit bull exploring, because that is exactly what they love to do. The pictures are above-average as well; they’re well done and more interesting that what you normally see for books in this age group.

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The Adventures of Big Sil children’s books make great gifts for kids age 2-5 and are designed with large type and an education font for early reading. Available in hardcover SRP $19.99, paperback SRP $7.99, e-book SRP $4.99.

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