Famous Pit Bulls: Little Rascal’s Petey


Pit bulls once considered “America’s dog”, were quite famous.

They were in fact, one of the most popular dogs in the 1920’s and 30’s.  One of the most famous pit bulls was Petey from the Our Gang/Little Rascals TV series. Two different pit bulls were the main stars.  Pal the Wonder Dog was the first.  He played the role from 1927-1930.  He had a memorable black, fake ring around his right eye, which was inked on from a former role.  The second Petey was the son of original Petey, and played the role 1927-1932.  The famous identifying ring was placed for unknown reasons around his left eye.  Click here to see his amazing demonstration of intelligence and capabilities in this rare training video.  Several other unrelated pit bulls continued the legacy until 1938.  Credit to Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter John Woestendiek, author of ohmidog.com for these great facts on Petey. Photo from stubbydog.com, a non-profit, focused on changing public perceptions of pit bulls.








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