Why Did France Give Us The Statue of Liberty?


The Story Behind Who Gave The Statue of Liberty to the US.

The Statue was not a gift from the French government, but rather a gift of inspiration that began with two prominent Frenchmen who thought of honoring the United States for our freedom and democracy in hopes of inspiring France’s own democracy after many war torn years lead by monarchy government. Edouard de Laboulaye may have had the idea as early as 1865, the year the United States abolished slavery as he was an abolitionist and was active in political reform. The actual designing of the statue started in 1871 by sculptor Auguste Bartholdi, who also shared a vision for liberty and peace in France. The two Frenchmen came up with their own ideas for funding which mostly came from donations from like-minded French citizens. The statue was finished in 1884 and dedicated to the US in 1886. In light of the attacks this week in France on their National Day, this story is a great reminder of the connection throughout history of France and the United States and our never ending pursuit of peace and freedom.

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